Community rallies behind Delaware County infant diagnosed with rare brain cancer

His nickname is 'Vincent the Conqueror'. The infant is battling is a rare brain cancer. He's one of the youngest patients ever to fight this disease and his community is rallying behind him. Their message--you can beat this!

"We found out we were having a boy. We already have a girl. We were super excited," said Natalie Nowroozi. She and her husband, Ramin, were so happy when their son Vincent was born on February 12th. He was healthy and their family was complete.

"And then you just basically get your whole world ripped out from underneath of you," she said.

At 3 months old they noticed Vincent's head suddenly tilting to the right and not long after it started to grow significantly larger. An MRI found two masses on their baby boy's brain forcing him into a 9 ½ hour surgery at CHOP.

"To try to biopsy and remove as much of the mass as possible," said Natalie. Doctors diagnosed Vincent with ATRT, Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor.

Natalie says it's rare, aggressive and found in only about 3 percent of child brain tumors and usually discovered in children around 16 months old.

"Typically from time of diagnosis survival is only about 12 months," she said. Vincent is on his second of 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The side effects are rough.

"Essentially you're choosing to poison your child hoping that it's going to save their life," said Natalie. Vincent's 7-year-old sister Mina has been a good little caretaker for her brother whose name means "to conquer".

"We hope he defies the odds that somebody has to beat it. Why can't it be him?" said Natalie. She says she's thankful for the financial support they've gotten from their Delaware County community but most important she says is faith.

"Whether they believe in God or they believe in positivity of the universe they're sending it all to us and it really helps," said Natalie.

The community has held countless fundraisers. There's one Friday night August 10th at Marty Magee's Irish Pub in Prospect Park. For information on the event, please click here. The family has also set up a GoFundMe page for their son. There's also a Facebook where people can keep up with Vincent's progress.