Community rallies around furloughed federal worker

One day after a furloughed federal worker spoke with FOX 5 DC, she said her luck has turned around.

At the Capitol Wednesday, Faye Smith said she'd already pawned her watch in an attempt to make ends meet. The Smithsonian security officer added that she's a federal contractor, meaning she may not get back pay when the government reopens.

"I have my rent coming up, and I have no money to pay for it," she cried.

But what a difference 24 hours can make.

The first surprise came when Smith walked into another pawn shop Thursday morning ready to sell more jewelry. She said a stranger recognized her from the news and put something in her hand.

"He put it in my hand and then he just went out the door, like an angel. He just went out the door. When I opened my hand up, it was a $100 bill," Smith said Friday night, still in disbelief.

It got even better from there. Thursday afternoon Smith said she got a call from an old employer.

"They saw me on the news thanks to you guys, and they called me today and asked me if I would be interested in taking my old job back," she said, adding that she's going in for an interview just as soon as they'll have her.

It's left Smith feeling both joy and relief, although she says those feelings have very little to do with her - and far more to do with her daughters and grandchildren, who she helps support.

"I give them everything I can," she said. "They the love of my life."