Community concerned over housing moratorium plan in Montgomery County

Overcrowding in Montgomery County schools could lead to a ban on any new housing being built in some areas, including parts of Silver Spring, Bethesda and Gaithersburg. It's causing controversy as an important deadline approaches this summer.

Near the Grovesner Metro Statin, there are plans for three residential high-rise buildings to go up, but they will be in jeopardy if a housing moratorium goes into effect.

The one-year housing moratorium would begin July 1. Homes in the process of being permitted or built, won't be.

FOX 5 spoke with Casey Anderson, the Montgomery County Planning Board Chair, on Monday. He says that could make it more expensive to live in the county and he doesn't believe the moratorium will even help with crowding in the schools.

"I think there's a mismatch between The assumptions that are built into our rules, namely that new housing equals more kids equals solve the problem by stopping construction. and the reality of the situation is most of the students are coming from turnover in older neighborhoods," said Anderson.

Anderson says the Montgomery County Council is going to have to get creative to solve the problem.

A senior legislative analyst put together 30 pages of data outlining the crowding and budget issues. If no action is taken by the end of June, the moratorium will begin.