Commanders Tailgate Ted adjusting to inflation prices

This weekend kicks off the Washington football franchises’ 90th year, but it’s the first playing as the Commanders.

Fans will flock to see them on Sunday at FedEx Field, but it will cost you.

It’s a new season and a new name.

The team and fans are ready. But what about your pockets?

"I've had to start shopping and stockpiling months ago," Ted Abela said. 

A recent Wells Fargo report shows from July 2021 to July 2022, inflation costs increased the average grocery bill 13%.

For Tailgate Ted, whose been throwing some of the biggest parties outside of FedEx Field for years, feeding the number of people that come through his spot could prove to be costly.

"I’m not compromising the quality of the tailgate, based upon the inflation that we're all experiencing as consumers," Ted said. "It's been difficult to try and gauge what we do each week, based on supply chain, what's available and how much it's going to cost us to put that on the menu."

The nationwide study showed since last year prices of beef, hot dogs and chicken have increased significantly.

Chicken alone is up nearly 18%!

"The price of ground beef has gone up a ton," Ted said.

"Last year, we actually took pretty much anything that required chicken wings; we took off the menu because chicken wing prices went through the roof," he added. 

An economist from Virginia Tech tells FOX 5 consumers seem to be adjusting to the increases, not to say they are getting used to the prices, but are instead opting for alternatives.

That means no more expensive import lager, but instead cheaper beer.

"Beer prices have definitely gone up, if you can get it in bulk, it is usually more cost-effective," Ted said. 

Even those fast food tailgate packs will be hard to tackle.

"There used to be better game-day deals. If you compare them to what they were two years prior, it's a lot more money," Ted said. 

As for what it will cost you inside the stadium a recent report shows FedEx Field is one of the most expensive stadiums in the league.

"You want a ballpark dog, and a beer, it's going to cost you north of $25 to enjoy those simple things," said Eric Mitchell, a sports analyst and president of Life Flip Media.

"I think fans are kind of struggling here, you're paying a lot of money for a ticket, and you're going to a stadium that we all can agree on needs to be replaced. And you're paying more money than anyone else in the country," he added.

Tailgate Ted did give FOX 5 some suggestions on ways to save.

He says buy in bulk, prepare things yourself and if you are showing up to a party and want to bring something with you opt for a veggie or fruit tray or go for a homemade dessert.