Comedian Kevin Hart promotes healthy living with 5K run along Potomac

They came early and by the hundreds for a morning run along the Potomac River in Georgetown with Kevin Hart.

Friday morning's spontaneous 5K run was inspired by the comedian.

"It's all based around a healthy lifestyle and healthy living. I don't just talk about it. I live what I preach, so I'm an example of my mouth," said Hart.

Hart performed at the Verizon Center Thursday night and he has another gig set for Friday evening.

"You know last night I think I got in at about 2:35 in the morning. Basically what I'm doing is showing there are no excuses," Hart said.

As promised, the comedian greeted all runners at the finish line.

"All ages, all groups, all sizes, all races. At the end of the day we're a union. It's about a group coming out and being great together," said Hart.

Hart has held similar events in several cities with word spreading through social media.