College Park ‘Peeping Tom' has residents on edge

Police in College Park are looking for a Peeping Tom who keeps returning to the same house.

According to investigators, the man has been caught peering into the windows and doors of home off of Hopkins Avenue at least seven times.

Police have grown concerned because the man keeps returning, and the interactions have escalated.
Detectives say they've used some of their own investigative techniques and equipment to get a clearer picture of the suspect, and link him to each unnerving visit.

One resident - Ken Hendershot - says he recently noticed a new security camera installed at the neighbor's home - after he says they've been terrorized in recent weeks by the same man.

"It's scary some guy breaking into a house right next to us it's a little scary. I've also heard noises at night outside my window. We try to help out, keep on the lookout," Hendershot said.

Prince George's County police distributed surveillance pictures of a Peeping Tom they believe is targeting a home where several University of Maryland students live.

Detectives say they received their first complaint on Oct. 2.

In most cases, he's peering into windows and doors, but on one occasion, they say he walked into the home.

Kelsey Anderson says she's seen the man the police are looking for, and worries about her 50 Kappa Delta sorority sisters who live just down the street,

"When I was parked in my car he ran by it and there were some police in the Leonard town community center so I walked up to them and described them and apparently it's the same suspect they have been looking for. He just ran off into the woods and was really creepy…spookiest thing," Anderson said.

However, she's glad to see police have stepped up their patrols.

"So they are doing the best they can and they are very responsive. As soon as I gave the description to them they took off in their cars and were like 'which way did he go?' And tried to find him immediately but he's just so good at hiding they haven't been able to get a hold of him yet," she said.