Coast Guard: Oil in Potomac came from area of Dominion plant

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- The Coast Guard says all the oil that spilled into the Potomac River earlier this month came from near a Dominion Virginia Power substation where a spill was reported in January.

However, the Coast Guard has yet to name Dominion as the source of the spill.

Dominion said in a statement Friday that it agrees with the Coast Guard's finding and accepts responsibility. The utility says it will work with agencies involved to complete the cleanup work.

The 13,500-gallon spill was reported at the site on Jan. 24.

The Coast Guard says 21 birds died after they were coated with oil. Another 32 birds are being treated at a rehabilitation center in Delaware.

Statement from Dominion:

"Dominion has reviewed the oil testing data conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard. We concur with their findings that the substance was transformer mineral oil and we accept responsibility.

As we have stated from the very beginning when we were made aware of the oil sheen, we would have no hesitancy in accepting responsibility should testing link our January 24 transformer spill to the sheen. We will move with all due haste to work with the agencies to ensure the remaining cleanup work is done."