CLT Airport operating as normal, travelers react to Brussels tragedy

FOX 46 caught up with travelers at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport Tuesday and found out some of them had personal connections to Brussels.

In the midst of a busy airport day there were some who had fond memories of Brussels.

"I've been there a few times. It's a lovely place. Great people," Fabrizio Brasca said.

But not, the image of Belgium's capitol will be replaced with the tragedy that occurred.

Officials said two explosions went off at the Brussels Airport Tuesday, and another set off at a nearby subway killing at least 30 people.

"It makes it harder to comprehend and my heart goes out to them to have to deal with these misfortunes," Brasca said.

FOX 46 confirmed two people from Charlotte were just a hundred feet away from where one of the bombs went off. Family members said they're OK.

Travelers said things like this can stop people from wanting to go anywhere out of fear for their lives.

"Always shocking. Always shocking that human beings would do that to each other," Linda LaFleur said.

Denise Fairzone, who recently traveled to Belgium, agreed.

"What goes through my mind is that we have to be mindful and no place is safe from a terrorist attack," Fairzone said.

But others said this won't stop them from visiting Brussels, or going about their lives as normal as possible.

"It is always in the back of my mind. It doesn't stop me from doing what I do. I don't think anything would," Brasca said.

FOX 46 also reached out to several colleges around the Charlotte area, like Davidson, Winthrop and UNC Charlotte to find out if they currently have students on study abroad programs in Belgium. They said no.