Clinton murder suspect Antonio Williams, accused of killing 3 girls, ruled competent to stand trial

A man accused of stabbing three little girls to death in Clinton, Maryland has been found competent to stand trial.

A judge in Prince George's County announced that 25-year-old Antonio Williams was competent to stand trial on three murder charges for the deaths of he faces three murder charges.

"What the judge determined is that he was able to assist in his defense. She noted by her own observations that he was very appropriate and listening to the questions today, that after those questions he would lean over and ask his attorney questions so he was able to today to assist in his own defense," Prince George's County State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said.

Nadira Jana'e Withers, 6, and her two cousins, 9-year-old Ariana Decree and 6-year-old Ajayah Decree of Newark, New Jersey, were found dead in their beds in a home on Brooke Jane Drive on Aug. 18.

Investigators said Williams, who was Nadira's brother, confessed to killing the three girls while he was babysitting them when their mother was at work.

"I will never forget it the three little girls in this case and how it must affect their families. I can not imagine how it affects their father who was here today and being driven back and forth from New Jersey. The mother of the two girls who expected them to come back to school this week," Alsobrooks noted.

Williams' bond review hearing ended in chaos on Aug. 21. Williams struggled and yelled as he was brought into the courtroom, shouting, "I'm not the one you're looking for," and "He's here."

Williams began heaving and his mother stood, crying out to him "Tony! Mommy loves you!"

While she and her family were escorted out of the courtroom, she yelled out, "He needs me!"

On the other side of the aisle - the fathers of the murdered girls lunged. As family and more deputies held them back, there were shouts, "Your daughter needed you!" "(Expletive) you! (Expletive) you and your whole family! I hope you rot in hell!"

Williams was being held without bond and faces charges including first-degree murder and second-degree murder.