Chris Christie reiterates he'll never give drivers licenses to undocumented: 'I'm not doing it'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, reiterated that he does not believe undocumented immigrants should get drivers licenses because it would compromise homeland security.

"I'm not giving drivers licenses to people that are undocumented, that's it," Christie said, during a monthly radio segment called "Ask the Governor" on New Jersey 101.5.

"It is the single most important form of identification, it gets you on to airplanes…all the things that you need to do to identify yourself a driver's license does that. I cannot give drivers licenses to people who I cannot be sure who they are and it's that simple. I'm not doing it. And I've had that position right from the beginning."

Of course, the difference now is Christie's immigration stance matters more today than it did in the beginning because he could very well announce his White House bid in the coming weeks.

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