Cheap Gas: The cheapest, and most expensive, days of the week to fuel up at the pump

Gas prices are following the normal seasonal trend of slowly increasing through winter until peaking sometime around July. But did you know that the day of the week you fill up can make a difference in how much you pay?

Data from GasBuddy shows that the best days to save money at the pump are Monday and Friday. Use these days to fill your tank up as you’ll tend to see the lowest average price per gallon.

Need to top off? Choose Sunday and Tuesday. These days are not necessarily the best days to buy – but are good for purchasing small amounts to top off the tank.

Worst days to buy? Wednesday and Thursday. Avoid the pump if you can. These days tend to be the most expensive to fill up.

The fuel savings company says drivers can expect lower prices at the pump in 2024. According to their annual Fuel Price Outlook, we could see gas prices fall below $3 per gallon this winter before potentially rising and getting close to $4 per gallon as the summer nears.

Memorial Day is expected to be the priciest 2024 holiday at the pump, with the national average somewhere between $3.56-$4.04 per gallon.