Chattahoochee River gator finally captured

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The Chattahoochee Gator has been captured. For years, the gator has been hanging around the Cochran Shoals area of the river. Just a couple of months ago, a section of the trail was shut down after several people reporting seeing the gator.

"It was for the mutual benefit of the people who use the area and the alligator," said John Bowers with the Department of Natural Resources.

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Wildlife experts determined it would be best to find the gator a new home.

"Alligators don't belong in this region. We decided to capture it with Park Services and move it down to where it belongs, south Georgia," said Bowers.

Using a baited snare, the gator swam right into their trap. Once captured, wildlife experts had a chance to get a closer look. They determined the gator is a female, about 8 years old and relatively healthy. She measured 6 feet, 8 inches, but Bowers points out she had a tail injury.

"She was missing about a foot of her tail, if that part were there she would have been closer to 8 feet like we estimated originally," said Bowers.

The gator was put in a cage and hauled down to a river in south Georgia. Her restraints were cut off and she slowly walked down to the water, got in and swam away.

Angie Maddox was walking her dog, Daisy on the trail along the river Wednesday evening. She's relieved the gator is gone.

"I always had to make sure I was cautious with Daisy and keep her out of the water," said Maddox.

Chipman MacDonald said in a way he'll miss having the gator around.

"It was kind of cool it was here. But to finally see that they did something with the gator, that's good for the gator and good for the swimmers on the Chattahoochee," said MacDonald.