Charlotte woman works out while pregnant

A local CrossFit enthusiast is getting a lot of attention for making what some consider a tough decision after becoming pregnant.

Emily "Breeze" Ross Watson can be found at Rising Crossfit in Ballantyne. She says she isn't letting pregnancy slow her down, even at eight months.

Watson says she went to her doctor months ago. And after many check-ups, she was given permission to continue her routines.

"Your body is used to what you've always done. It would be different if I was trying to change and do something different. But this is what I've always known. And my body is fully capable of keeping up with it with several modifications the further along I get," she said.

But not everyone supports what she is doing. Her instagram posts have gone viral, sparking conversation and backlash over pregnancy workout routines.

"People have been very supportive and on my side and then you get the extreme other that are pretty nasty and say things that they shouldn't say because they don't know me. It's kind of hard to find that balance," she said.

Her husband Montell Watson has been supportive along the way. He says he knows she's been an athlete all her life and that this is her comfort zone…

"How can i stay at home and be lazy on a couch while she's working out and pushing herself. I think it's great and inspirational for other women out there," he said.

So they work out together, counting down the weeks until their baby boy comes into this world.

The soon to be mother will be delivering some tough love and squats until delivering a baby.

Women are encouraged to get approval from a doctor before doing any intense workouts during pregnancy.