CBD oil goes mainstream after CVS announces sale of products in multiple states

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There's a lot of buzz following the announcement that CVS will sell products containing hemp-derived CBD oil. It has a lot of people asking what's the difference between CBD and THC -- the marijuana-based drug.

CVS has long sold hemp products, but this is different.

CBD creams, sprays and lotions will now be available in eight states, including Maryland.

The products will be made by a company called Curaleaf.

FOX 5 went to a medical marijuana dispensary Monday to learn more.

"It actually doesn't produce any psychoactive effects, that's why it's actually legal and people don't have to worry about abusing it or passing a drug test, or having any type of side effects," said Alleyah Miner of AltPharm in Camp Springs. "I think it's great to be us and bring it to the market because cbd has a lot of health benefits anti-inflammation for depression for stress pain relief"

The experts at AltPharm explain that hemp oil comes from hemp seed - where CBD oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant.

Hemp is a close relative to another member of the cannabis family -- marijuana.

The farm bill, which President Trump signed in December legalized the compound, opening up a whole new business market.

It doesn't get you high, because there's no THC, but many swear by the medical benefits, especially for pain and anxiety.

Patients use the lotions and balms for everything from menstrual cramps to rheumatoid arthritis.

The cream spray and lotion products will be sold in store aisles, but CVS won't be offering any supplements or food additives.

So far, the FDA has not approved CBD's use in food or beverages.