Catherine Hoggle held without bond after indictment in children's murder

Catherine Hoggle, the mother of two Montgomery County children who went missing three years ago, appeared in court for a bench hearing Friday afternoon, where a judge ordered that she be held without bond. FOX 5 was first to report on air Thursday night that Hoggle had been indicted in her children's murder.

Hoggle appeared in court via closed-circuit TV to answer to the double murder indictment. A judge ordered her held without bond, and that she undergo another mental evaluation, even though the defense in the case said she just had one. The judge ordered her to be sent back to Perkins Hospital in Jessup.

Hoggle is believed to be the last person to have seen her Jacob, 2. and Sarah, 4, before they disappeared on September 7, 2014. Authorities have said Hoggle, who has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, has refused to disclose where the children are and has been held in a mental facility. She has previously been ruled not competent to stand trial by a judge.

Previous charges filed against Hoggle were misdemeanors, but by law those charges only allowed her to be held for three years. The deadline under those charges would have been Friday, and as a result, the court would have had to dismiss charges against her and release her. Therefore, prosecutors said after Thursday's hearing, they decided to seek an indictment from the Grand Jury against Hoggle.

With the new felony murder charges against her, she can now be held for up to five years, while doctors work to restore her competency. Prosecutors said so far, doctors have provided them with 13 different updates on Hoggle's status. She still remains unable to stand trial, though doctors have said she's making progress.

Prosecutors said until she is deemed competent, everything is on hold.

Sarah and Jacob's father, Troy Turner, also read a statement at the news conference Friday afternoon, thanking the community and the media for their support over the last three years. Turner said he had always held out hope that something else had happened to his children.

"Catherine Hoggle has murdered my children, and I hope Sarah and Jacob get the justice they deserve," Turner said. He did not take questions.

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