Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wants your old bra to help save injured turtles

It may sound a little odd - but the clips on the back of your bra could save a turtle.

As the weather warms up turtles are becoming increasingly mobile, especially when it rains and they're moving around to lay eggs.

Among those who may get injured, about 80 percent are hit by cars, five percent are struck by boats, and the remaining are environmental, according to wildlife officials.

Organizers with Carolina Waterfowl repair the injured reptiles with tape, glue and bra clasps.

"Thanks to Wild Thunder Wildlife Rehab for this great idea! If you're discarding a bra you can cut the clasps off and send them to us. We use them for turtle shell repair," Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said on Thursday on their Facebook page.

The wire that holds the broken parts of the shell together is fastened to the turtle with bra clasps, wildlife officials said. After some time, the glue wears down and the clasps pop off, leaving the turtle good as new.