Capitol Heights man's car rammed into garage, another left smashed on property

An elderly Maryland man woke up to a car rammed into his garage in Capitol Heights Tuesday morning. He believes he is being targeted by young people in the neighborhood.

"I heard this morning tires squealing," said Horace Stephens.

The 78-year-old was still in bed this morning when he heard the commotion. What he saw is much more disturbing to him.

"It's a threat," he said.

Stephens did not witness what happened, but it appears somebody drove onto his property and smashed both of his cars. The person that did it pushed one car right through the garage door.

"They must have got close to it and just jammed it," he said.

One of the smashed vehicles, a Cadillac that is nicknamed "Reds," belonged to his wife who died a few years ago.

"I'm upset because I understand that was his deceased wife's car that was special to him, and then [the other] car, I'm sure it's totaled," said Gwen Bowman, president of the Bradbury Boulevard Heights Civic Association.

She said she is hearing for the first time about Stephens' concerns.

"I'm dealing with noise, working on cars, trash all up and down the sidewalk," Stephens told us.

He said it happens every day.

Stephens wonders if what happened this morning could be related to what he said is happening in the neighborhood. It is a neighborhood he has called home for more than 40 years.

"I'm really hurt about it," he said.

A few weeks ago, the county towed a car from this street that had been sitting for a while and was missing some parts.

Prince George's County police said they are investigating and they will be keeping a closer eye on this neighborhood.

The neighborhood association said they will be working on this issue too.