Rare case of sexually-transmitted 'ringworm' found in California

A rare case of a sexually-transmitted infection (STI) that is known by some as a "ringworm" was reported in California. In fact, health officials say this ringworm STI is not only rare for the state of California, but it also marks the first reported case in the entire United States.

According to a June 19 health advisory from the California Department of Public Health, the person allegedly carrying Trichophyton mentagrophytes genotype VII (TMVII) had traveled to the state prior to testing positive for the rare infection.

Health officials say TMVII's symptoms include intense inflammation, in addition to painful and persistent lesions. The infection is also known for "affecting the anogenital or perioral areas," California Department of Public Health said in the advisory.

According to health officials, a man based out of New York City had traveled to Europe and California and had sex with multiple male partners during his trips. The man was eventually diagnosed with TMVII and has since been treated with "prolonged antifungal regimen including oral terbi​​nafine and itraconazole," the California Department of Public Health said in the advisory.

California's health officials shared photos of what a person's skin would look like if they suffer TMVII/ringworm symptoms.