California boy with cerebral palsy befriends new pup

A California boy with cerebral palsy found his best friend.

Four-year-old Jason lives in Pleasanton and has already built a special bond with six-month-old Luca, who has a rare deformity that prevents him from walking.

In an essence, both provide comfort to each other. One of Jason's old walkers has even helped Luca move around.

Jason's godmother, Victoria Cristobal, said she wasn't planning on adopting a dog.

"As we were leaving, our eyes just attached," she described, "and I fell in love with him and knew it was Jason's forever buddy."

Victoria said Jason requires a lot of attention and have adapted. They simply adapted again to include Luca into their lifestyle.

"Jason just squeals in excitement," Victoria said. "He's just been so much more vocal. There's just this excitement when Jason comes home from school and Luca meets him at the bus."

The family hopes both Jason and Luca will be able to walk one day. For Jason, it could be with the help of leg braces, and for Luca, the help of prosthetics.

"Luca found a great forever home," Victoria said.