Burtonsville residents on high alert after string of vehicle break-ins

Residents in the Bentley Park neighborhood in Burtonsville, Md. are on high alert after a series of vehicle break-ins were caught on camera.

The thieves are targeting a new construction neighborhood - and the residents aren't just worried about their valuables, they're concerned the recent crime streak would impact their home values.

Police say nine incidents have been reported in the neighborhood.

"Wednesday morning, I woke up to go to school and I opened my car door and I knew something was wrong. There was - my things were everywhere. It's been cold recently, so I leave a lot of my things in my car. But I could just tell everything was out of place," said Christina Zarrelli - one of the thieves' victims.

Zarrelli says the crooks took her MacBook and also $300 she left in the car.

But Zarrelli, like many others in this neighborhood left their cars unlocked when they were targeted by crooks.

Montgomery County police say most of the cars targeted were left unlocked.

Even so, Zarrelli says this is not the first incident in the neighborhood -- there have been several incidents including people roaming and sweeping through cars between midnight and sunrise.

Many break ins have been captured on camera including the one involving Zarrelli's Jeep.

Christina Zarrelli's brother says residents are planning to start a neighborhood watch.

It's not just what's inside the cars that are being stolen.

FOX 5 has learned that at least two residents woke up only to find their cars sitting on cinder blocks.

Montgomery County police say, right now, they have no plans to increase patrols in this neighborhood and remind residents to lock their cars and remove their valuables from sight.