Watch: Bull rides shotgun through Nebraska town, gets pulled over by police

Howdy Doody the bull is a local celebrity of sorts in northeast Nebraska, but when he’s not riding in parades or rodeos, he "creates quite a vision obstruction" for his owner who chauffeurs him in a sedan.

That was the case this week when police in Norfolk, Nebraska, pulled over Howdy Doody and his owner Lee Meyer while the bull was riding shotgun in an old police cruiser. Police said they received a call about a man driving into town with a cow in the passenger seat, but the bovine turned out to be a Watusi bull.


Howdy Doody the Watusi bull gets pulled over for riding shotgun in Norfolk, Nebraska (News Channel Nebraska)

According to News Channel Nebraska, which filmed the eye-popping incident, the driver and Howdy Doody got away with a warning, despite "citable issues with that situation."

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"The driver is often in local parades in northeast Nebraska.  During those times the roads are closed and traffic is controlled ," Norfolk Police Capt. Mike Bauer told FOX TV Stations.  "Unfortunately, Howdy Doody creates quite a vision obstruction for the driver."