Britain's 'hairiest baby' needs her hair cut at least once a month, mom claims

Britain's "hairiest baby" has turned six-months-old and has already had seven haircuts.

Vienna Bellingham stunned doctors with her long locks when she was born to mother Jemma, 27. And the tot's hair has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate that has meant, despite her tender age, she has already needed several trims.

Jemma, a hairstylist from Plymouth, Devon, England, has revealed she has cut Vienna's hair seven times - and has never seen anyone's grow so fast.

"I can't believe the speed in which her hair is growing, I've had to cut her fringe seven times," the mom claimed. "Being a hairdresser I never knew hair could grow this quickly."

"We have decided to keep her hair growing and clip her bangs back so it doesn't affect her eyes. We keep putting clips ponytails and I'm about to try braids," she added.

Jemma said that people often mistake Vienna for a doll because of her hair, and that her son Rio is also amazed by his baby sister - and even copies her hair style.

"For her age she's had lots of cuts already. She's so good, she doesn't bat an eye lid at anything, we're really lucky," the woman said of her baby daughter.

Jemma said it's lucky that she is a hair professional, as she can tend to Vienna's long locks at no expense.

"I'm a hair dresser so we'll be trying out lots of different styles as she grows up," she dished. "She's like a living doll, it's great practice for me."

"It does matt at the back quite a lot, it takes a lot of shampooing, conditioning, and brushing, and we've had to remove a few dreadlocks already."

Speaking at the time of Vienna's birth, the mom said she knew her daughter would be born with a full head of hair before the delivery.

"She is so adorable and her hair is on another planet. She had absolutely loads of hair when she was born," she continued. "Every single nurse was shocked and said they had never seen so much hair on a newborn."

"I had a little idea - I had an image in my head of what she was going to look like so thought that maybe she would have lots of hair. I also had a lot of heartburn which they say means that your baby will be born with a full head of hair," Jemma said. "But I didn't think it was going to be so thick."

Born in January, little Vienna lives in Plymouth with her mom, dad Michael, 31, a business owner, and brother.

This story was originally published by SWNS.

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