Bridj bus service launches in the District

A new company called Bridj, the Uber for bus passengers, is now serving customers in the District.

"Bridj is looking to fill the gap sort of in between, not as personalized as driving or taking an Uber, but way more personalized than your traditional city bus or Metro system," said company manager Ryan Kelly.

Bridj buses carry 14 passengers and have free Wi-Fi. Trips cost three to five dollars, which is a little more than a regular bus and a little less than Uber.

"You have neighborhoods and cites that are growing at an unprecedented rate and public transit just can't keep up with it," said Kelly.

Bridj gets rid of that traditional public transit bus map. Instead, Bridj users create entirely new trips every day just by using the company's app.

You start by putting in your origin and your destination. The app figures out everyone who needs a similar trip and tells you where to board your Bridj.

"So it will essentially create a route where there wasn't one before," said Kelly.

Bridj is currently up and running in the neighborhoods of Dupont Circle, K Street and Capitol Hill. They say they are looking to add two additional neighborhoods every month.