Braveboy: State’s Attorney's office advocated for Baby K case to remain in adult court

Prince George's County State's Attorney Aisha Braveboy said that her office advocated that 16-year-old Kaden Holland, also known as Baby K, should stand trial as an adult on attempted murder charges after being accused of trying to kill a student on a school bus.

Braveboy spoke with FOX 5 a day after the decision that Holland would be tried as an adult was made.

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"We believe that that was the most appropriate place given his history, as well as the seriousness of the crimes that he's alleged to have committed," Braveboy said. "We worked hard to put together a strong case around why he should remain in adult court and the judge agreed with our position."

The hearing took three days with the main question being whether his case should be sent to the juvenile courts. A judge decided Thursday that Holland's case would stay in adult court.

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Baby K is accused of boarding a Prince George's County school bus in May 2023 and putting a gun to a student's head, before pulling the trigger three times. Luckily, the gun jammed.

Several other teens have been indicted for their roles in the attack.

If convicted in an adult court, Baby K could face up to life in prison.