Boy grew hair for cancer patients, now has cancer

Life has its ways, doesn't it? This darling 7-year-old boy from California, Vinny Desautels, spent two years growing his hair out. Why did he do that? Because he wanted it to be made into wigs for kids with cancer! And though he was teased throughout that time for such a selfless act, he was proud to help others in need.

The first week of May, Vinny came home with a pain in his knee. After taking him to an emergency room, his parents soon found out there was a large growth on his right hip. The following day, a doctor checked out his eye that has progressively become more swollen--because the doc thought perhaps the two are related. He has a malignant mass on his eye...and it's aggressive.

Vinny is now fighting a battle he was helping other children battle...cancer. His grandparents have turned to crowdfunding to help their "brave little turd." Vinny's mother is pregnant and his father is a combat veteran. And the medical costs will be through the roof.

So many have become fans of the boy who was so selfless to give to others...they're helping the family reach their goal of $100,000. They're almost half way there.

Donate to "VICTORY for Vinny" and read more about his story.