Boy, 3, dies after 150 rounds fired into North Carolina home

A 3-year-old child was killed after nearly 150 rounds were fired into a home in Charlotte, North Carolina, late on September 7, police said.

Eleven people were in the home at the time, police said, and  3-year-old child Asiah Figueroa was struck and fatally wounded. His 4-year-old sister was also struck but was expected to survive, police said.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released footage as part of an appeal for information. It shows multiple people emerging from vehicles and firing on the 2400 block of Richard Rozzelle Drive.

The video released by police shows two cars pulling up at the home and people stepping out to fire at the home continuously for at least 12 seconds before taking off. Responding officers found Asiah with a gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

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Asiah was sleeping in his bed when the shots rang out, Capt. Joel McNelly said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

"This should outrage everyone who hears this," McNelly said.

Authorities have not named any suspects but believe the attacks are connected to high school feuds.

"What started out as teenage dispute games has turned into a deadly game that’s now taken two lives," McNelly said.

McNelly called on the community to help identify the shooters and specifically called on parents of students at the high schools to help.

’What we need is for you to be as outraged about this as we are," he said.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.