Box of meth discovered on man's porch

A special delivery turned into a frightening surprise for a Forsyth County man: deputies said a man discovered a package with a bag of meth inside, worth up to $1,700.

"I'm thankful I called the police... And if it's a drop, I don't like the idea of my house being used as a drop, either," said the homeowner, nicknamed "Stretch," who lives in a neighborhood near Georgia Highway 20 and Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

Stretch said he came home to the package on his porch and said the writing on it looked very suspicious: the return address listed his home with a different and unknown name, and the package was supposed to be sent to Colorado.

"I was very suspicious. I put it on the driveway and I called 911," Stretch said, concerned it could be explosive.

Deputies said they were glad Stretch called 911: inside the package, which Stretch said contained a gift-wrapped package with cigarettes and toiletries, deputies found a stick of deodorant with a bag of meth inside. Investigators said they were glad they intercepted the package because of the dangers of the public coming into contact with the substance fentanyl.

Forsyth investigators said they're searching for the original senders, which are known to use a fake address as a cover for sending drugs in the mail; deputies said drug dealers may remember mail routes and use addresses where they know no one is home at certain times of the day.

Many times, deputies said, the homeowner is unaware their home address was ever used; Stretch just happened to be home to discover the package.

Deputies said homeowners are advised to always call 911 and their local authorities if they are concerned about any suspicious packages or items.