Bond raised for Farmers Branch officer charged with murdering teen

A Dallas County judge has imposed a higher bond with rigid conditions for off-duty Farmers Branch Police Officer Ken Johnson.

Johnson was charged with murder for fatally shooting Jose Cruz, 16, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for wounding the teen with him in an incident last Sunday in Addison.

Johnson's bond now totals $300,000 for both crimes. Johnson will be given 24 to 48 hours to pay the increase in money he needs to stay free. Under the increased bond, he'll need to come up with an additional $15,000 to not go back to jail.

Additional restrictions for Johnson include surrendering his weapons and passport, not contacting witnesses and not leaving Dallas County.

"Increasing the bond putting the restrictions taking away his passport taking away his gun access to witnesses the basic protection of the family and other individuals who may be witnesses," family spokesman Carlos Quintanilla said.

The judge denied the district attorneys' request to require Johnson wear a GPS monitoring device but ordered Johnson not to leave Dallas County.

The family of Jose Cruz had a 45 minute meeting with Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk on Monday and was told of the bond increase by Hawk.