Boil water advisory issued for parts of DC

UPDATE: DC Water says one area, affecting 7,000 DC Water customers in the District, are still under a boil water advisory after investigators say one area of 13 tested positive for contamination.

Some residents of DC are being advised to boil their water after officials said several D.C. residents reported having trouble with their water service Thursday night.

While they say there is no confirmed drinking water contamination, DC Water says they advise affected customers to boil their water out of precaution.

DC Water advises customers to boil their water for cooking and drinking until further notice if they live in the following area:

DC Water officials say affected customers should also boil their water if they experienced low water pressure or had no water after 8:30 p.m. on Thursday.

DC Waters says they anticipate the Boil Water event to last between 24-48 hours. Residents in the affected area should continue to boil water for drinking and cooking.

If customers do not have water service, they are advised to boil water when service is restored.

Customers do not need to boil their water if they did not experience low water pressure and do not live in the affected area. The affected area is only in DC, according to DC Water.

DC Water spokesperson Vincent Morris said they received reports of a drop in water pressure affecting customers in the Foxhall and Brookland neighborhoods.

Customers should:

Customers should use cooled, boiled water or bottled water for:

Officials say it is safe to take a bath or shower, but customers should be mindful not to swallow any water.

DC Water said the problem was caused due to an issue at its Bryant Street pumping station. They say they will share further updates as they come.

DC Water has been experiencing some issues on their website on Friday, but encourage customers to view their FAQ in regard to the Boil Water Advisory.