Bobcat snagged in sports net prompts warning from parks department

The Colorado Springs division of Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a warning to sports fans after coming to the rescue of a bobcat in a precarious position.

The animal had gotten snagged in a soccer net in the backyard of a Golden Hills-area home and was suspended above the ground by netting wrapped around its stomach and back legs.

This particular bobcat managed to make it out of the situation alive, which unfortunately isn't the case for many animals that find themselves in similar situations, according to the department.

The Southeast Regional Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department posted about the incident on Twitter, explaining that sports nets are a serious hazard for wild animals. Many animals that get caught in nets panic and try so frantically to escape that they seriously injure themselves or die.

CPW urges anyone with a sports net on their property to take it down between uses for the protection of animals who may encounter it.