Blackface photos found in old University of Maryland yearbooks

Just days after a racist yearbook photo surfaced and both the governor and attorney general of Virginia admitted to wearing blackface, similar photos have turned up in old University of Maryland yearbooks as well.

They were first uncovered by a Twitter user who said it only took her about five minutes to find them.

The yearbook archives, from years including - 1960, 1965, and 1970 - are all readily available online.

On Thursday night, UMD President Wallace Loh responded, calling the images hurtful and distressing, adding "traditions like this reflect a history of racial prejudice and do not convey what we seek to embody today."

UMD's Office of Diversity and Inclusion also weighed in, tweeting that images like these reflect a history of racial prejudice. They also sent out links to a documentary and an article about where these awful stereotypes come from in the first place.