Black History Month: Allison Seymour reflects on time at Hampton University

Photos of FOX 5 Anchor Allison Seymour during her days at Hampton University.

FOX 5 is continuing to celebrate Black History Month by taking a look at the impact historically black colleges and universities have had on America and on our very own staff.

FOX 5 Morning Anchor Allison Seymour graduated from Hampton University and says her time spent at her “Home by the Sea” was life changing.

”I realize that everything I learned here on campus really weaves itself into every day of my life,” Allison explained.

Allison said it wasn’t necessarily her intention to leave a lasting legacy on the school when she first stepped on campus, but she is proud to be a part of the university’s rich history.

Her name and likeness is included on a tribute wall in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism Building so students can read about her accomplishments.

Allison Seymour shows her daughter Sydney a plaque at Hampton University.

One of those students is her oldest daughter Sydney, who is now in her freshman year at Hampton. She remembers hearing her mother talk about Hampton when she was growing up as a child and knew that she really loved her school.

Even with mom beaming about Hampton, Sydney said she was never pressured to attend.

“I wanted to go to a totally different school, but I came here and I visited and I fell in love,” Sydney said.

Allison said Historically Black Colleges and Universities create an important foundation for the students who attend because they are able to see themselves represented in names of buildings, statues and courses.

Allison Seymour (left) while she attended Hampton University.

“They paid attention and it mattered,” Allison said. “Really what they are doing and for me the whole HBCU experience is they are making sure that you are equipped with what you need so when you get out into the larger society that isn’t always going to tell you that you are special.”

Our FOX 5 series on HBCUs will also feature stories with Wisdom Martin’s connection to Jackson State University and Shawn Yancy’s connection to Howard University.