Black bear spotted in Arlington County

A young black bear was spotted in Arlington County over the weekend, officials with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington say.

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The sighting was reported on June 5. Video shows the bear slowly walking across the top of a brick wall.

AWLA officials say the bear appeared healthy. They say the bear is likely a male yearling moving through the area in his search of a new home.

Animal Welfare League of Arlington


Wildlife officials warn against searching for bears and urge the public to keep a safe distance if one is spotted.

AWLA officials issued the following recommendations for residents to avoid contact with bears:

- Secure garbage: Keep in a locked shed or inside until collected or use a bear resistant container.

- Secure any compost piles

- Take down bird feeders.

- Secure pet food in bear-resistant containers or inside locked sheds.

- Clean up porches/decks: Clean grills including drip pans, remove any potential food sources, and remember a screened in porch is not a "secure" storage area from a bear’s point of view.

- Never leave food, trash, or pet food inside your vehicle.

- Keep dogs on a leash at all times