Bill to require curbside voting at polling places introduced in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, you can already vote by mail or leave your ballot in a drop box. But, should voters be able to drive up to a polling place and vote from their car?

It's the question the Maryland Ways and Means Committee was discussing on Tuesday. A hearing was held on Prince George's County delegate Nicole Williams' bill that would require every Maryland county to have curbside voting at early voting centers.

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Delegate Williams tells FOX 5 she thinks it's a good idea and would help pregnant or disabled people who have a hard time walking up to polling locations.

However, critics of the bill say it raises security issues including how voters would certify that they actually have a disability.

Others note that Maryland already provides mail-in voting for those who can't walk up to polling locations.

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If the bill gets through the general assembly, Maryland would join two dozen other states, including Virginia, that offer curbside voting. However, delegate Williams has introduced this bill four sessions in a row without success.