Bill for Va. childhood cancer license plate takes another step forward

With the tap of a gavel, a young boy's wish became reality, but Mathias Giordano was not here to see it.

The 13-year-old boy died in December. However, what happened in Richmond on Tuesday is part of his legacy.

Mathias and his family wanted everyone to recognize the yellow pediatric cancer ribbon -- to know it instantly -- just as they do for the pink breast cancer ribbon.

With help from friends and an organization called Ellie's Hats, the Giordano family worked feverishly to get the 450 applications needed for Loudoun County Delegate Tag Greason to introduce the bill. It passed unanimously.

Mathias' Mom, Roya, calls it a huge day.

"It is one step in the right direction," says Mathias' father, Chris. "We'll keep moving this along. We'll get more awareness and get more funding, and with the funding, we'll get a cure."

The bill will likely be voted on by the Senate next week. From there, it will go straight to the governor for his signature.


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