Bicyclist gives injured dog piggyback ride to veterinarian

A Georgia bicyclist hoisted a stray dog that had been hit by a car onto his back and carried him to safety.

The bicyclist may not have realized he was carrying the pooch to his new forever home, as well.

It's clear the dog, now called Columbo, was relieved to be riding on Jarrett Little's back in a picture taken of the two along their journey.

On July 10, the five-month-old Great Dane mix puppy ran up to Little while he was biking in Columbus.

Little says the pup was hungry and thirsty and showing signs of a leg injury so he gave him a piggyback ride into town.

Along the way, the duo met up with good Samaritan Andrea Shaw, who was in the area for business.

Shaw took Columbo to a veterinarian and, after surgery to place four pins in his femur and a splint in his front toe, decided to take him home.

Columbo is now on the road to recovery and enjoying life in a new forever home.