Beyonce and Jay Z (the metal chickens) are missing

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What sounds like a story out of New York is actually going down in our backyard: Beyonce and Jay Z are missing! Ok, so we're not talking about the famous couple. But we are talking about a couple of metal chickens that have disappeared. And yes, their names are Beyonce and Jay Z.

Erin Nierling, from Smyrna, is on the hunt for her two big metal chickens. Obviously, they didn't just get up and walk away--someone stole them! Beyonce is the medium-sized one and Jay Z is the larger of the two. They were gifts from her step father while he was overseas in Afghanistan. And Nierling's children gave the sculptures their Empire State of Mind names.

Who took Bey and Jay?? The duo was swiped straight out of her yard. Please help us track down these metal beauties! After all, Nierling is Crazy In Love with them...and they just so happen to be Irreplaceable.

Take a close look at them in the pictures. Because they quietly disappeared from Rosalyn Lane in Smyrna.

If you know where they are, please contact Erin: