Bethesda restaurant owner targeted in failed carjacking after being followed from DC

A Bethesda restaurant owner was followed by a group of people from D.C. to Maryland Sunday night in what police believe was a foiled attempt to carjack a Porsche.

Myo Maung owns Zao Stamina Ramen off Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown Bethesda. He told police he was pistol-whipped outside his restaurant and at one point had to run inside for cover. While inside, Maung told officers that he heard at least one gunshot fired. 

The victim also told FOX 5 that the suspects wanted his phone and password, and demanded he hand over his keys.

"I got shocked, excited. Now, I’m okay," Maung said. "Guys stealing, the hijacking, it’s too much – we are not safe, I feel like. That’s why, people, I want to say ‘just, be careful.’"


Man pistol-whipped by would-be carjackers foiled by Porsche with stick shift in Bethesda, police say

A man in Bethesda is recovering after he was pistol-whipped by a group of would-be carjackers who were trying to steal his Porsche when they realized they couldn't drive a stick shift, police say.

FOX 5 obtained dramatic video captured by Maung’s dashcam that shows a reddish-colored Nissan SUV pull up to the victim’s Porsche and sit in Wisconsin Avenue’s center lane for maybe 10 seconds. Then, as Maung appears to walk in front of his Porsche, a door quickly opens and at least one suspect appears to quickly pull a gun on the business owner.  

At least three suspects can be seen exiting the SUV.  

In another portion of the video, you see the front passenger window of the Nissan SUV roll down and what appears to be a suspect pointing a gun toward the Porsche.

You can hear what sounds like shuffling inside the car. However, police said the suspects never got away with the Porsche because they apparently didn’t know how to drive a stick shift.

The head of Montgomery County Police Department's Major Crimes Division, Captain Sean Gagan, told FOX 5 they have seen people trailed and targeted for their car before.

Gagan said the county is also not immune to the carjacking issues seen in the District. 

The Metropolitan Police Department's dashboard shows the city surpassed over 900 carjackings so far this year, over the Thanksgiving holiday break.

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Man pistol-whipped by would-be carjackers foiled by SUV with stick shift in Bethesda, police say

In Montgomery County, Gagan says police have responded to about 82 carjackings so far this year. The county had a total of 79 reported in 2022.

"We are focusing very heavily on the locations that border the Washington D.C. and Prince George’s County line by placing additional resources with our uniform patrol and our plain clothes assets down in those areas to try and address the growing number of vehicles that we’ve seen either carjacked or that have been stolen," Captain Gagan said. 

"I really, seriously encourage people to stay aware of their surroundings at all times," he added. "A lot of times just driving around, we see people on their phones. And this is one of those things our criminals are looking for as well."

Montgomery County police did tell FOX 5 they are aware the reddish-colored Nissan SUV involved was reported stolen out of D.C. earlier, the same day as the attempted carjacking.