Ben Jealous says Larry Hogan's blunder-focused video mocks stutter

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Maryland's governor released a re-election campaign video poking fun at his challenger's verbal blunders, but Democrat Ben Jealous says Republican incumbent Larry Hogan is bullying him over his speech impediment.

The video launched Monday shows Jealous talking about removing Hogan from the White House, becoming Virginia's next governor and making history as the first black president. Hogan's campaign tweeted the video, asking "What exactly is @BenJealous running for?"

Jealous said at a news conference Tuesday the video encourages bullying young people "and that's not ok." He explained that employing a word replacement strategy to cope with a stutter "goes right most of the time, but not all the time."

Hogan's campaign responded in a statement that "Jealous can't simply disown his words every time he gets in trouble with voters."