Bears indulge after breaking into Colorado pizzeria

Apparently, pizza is just as irresistible to bears.

Surveillance video at Antonio's Real New York Pizza in Estes Park, Colorado captured a mother bear and her cubs raiding the kitchen after breaking into a window to gain entry.

The mother bear was seen opening a fridge and pulling out a rack of pizza dough. She left it behind as her cubs started digging in and found her way to the salami.

The pizzeria used the surveillance video to reach out to law and wildlife enforcement on Facebook asking them not to shoot them when they break into homes and businesses.

In the restaurant's Facebook post, they wrote:

BEARS! Momma and her 2 cubs break into Antonio's, proceed to eat our dough and find their way to the salami. A note to police for the future: if bears break into our stores, please don't shoot them. Every dumpster in town is now bear proof which leaves only our homes, cars and businesses. The bears ripped a window out of the wall at our drive thru on Moraine Ave! While I don't advocate feeding wildlife in any way, I believe it would have been much better to have left the old dumpster tops in place because they wouldn't become desperate enough to break into houses or businesses and the damage in dollars would be much lower. We've now forced the bears' paws to break into homes and businesses. This could have been so much worse.