Bear spotted eating from bird feeder in Prince William County

A 'beary' unwanted dinner guest was captured on video helping itself to a bird feeder, good thing he did not stick around for long.

At around 6 p.m. on Monday, a black bear casually strolled into the backyard of a home in Triangle and made itself quite comfortable. In a video from a FOX 5 viewer, the bear is seen standing on its hind legs and treating the bird feeder like a buffet!

After a few moments of taking it all in, Beth Sharpe knew it was time for the bear to go. With help from a blow horn, she startled the bear and as if it was on on queue, ran away.

Sharpe told FOX 5 that she loved how the bear seemed polite because it "didn't trash my feeder."

Well that is sure one way to get rid of an uninvited guest.