Bear caught on camera in Florida garage

Brad Tamm said he was on a conference call for work Monday morning when he looked through the glass door into the garage of his Longwood, Florida home and saw a big bear taking a stroll through his stuff.

Tamm started recording the bear on his phone. At one point the black bear stood up on two legs and towered over his garage refrigerator before opening it up to try and find a snack inside.

"Get out of here!" Tamm yelled on the video as he slapped the glass window.

He said the bear lingered at first, but eventually got scared out, and Tamm watched as it walked from his yard toward the woods.

In more than a decade in the Longwood neighborhood Tamm said he's never seen a bear get so close.

Bear experts said the recent uptick in bear sightings is likely due to the cold temperatures lately. They said the animals are trying to stock up on food early before they hibernate.