Beach Patrol officer injured in scuffle with spring breaker

A Volusia County Beach Patrol officer was sent to the hospital on Wednesday with a dislocated shoulder following a scuffle with spring breaker, authorities say. It happened in Daytona Beach near the Ocean Walk section of the beach around 1:30 p.m.

Investigators said the officer was attempting to arrest 20-year-old Jayme Gordon for an alcohol violatoin, when he resisted and took off running. "Our officer got into a scuffle with him and was unfortunately injured," said Beach Patrol Officer Tammy Marris.

"We had extremely large spring break crowds and numerous alcohol violations," said Marris. "We have made over 130 alcohol violation arrests this past week. We have our officers out in full force and we are at zero tolerance right now, as it pertains to alcohol on the beach. We do want everyone to have a great time and go home safely."