Ballou alumni group strongly opposes renaming

A group of Ballou High School alumni are sponsoring a meeting to discuss their opposition to a proposed name change for the school.

The Ballou Alumni Cares Group is hosting the meeting on Thursday, February 18 in response to a proposal that would rename the school after former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.

Karen Lucas, who leads the group, posted on Facebook saying, "This is a battle that should not be occurring. It is showing a total disregard to those who love the school and what it means to them. To change the name would delete all history and start from day one."

Instead of renaming Ballou, the group suggests naming a new school after the former mayor.

"To name a new school/building would allow the building a great start by giving it Barry's name," wrote Lucas.

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at Ballou High School.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and D.C. council will have the final say in the renaming of the high school, and both will have to approve the name change.