Back-to-school for extended-year students in DC

Believe it or not - it's back to school for some students who attend class year round in D.C.

11 extended-year schools started on Monday. Students will get an additional month of instruction this year (200 days compared to 180 days plus two optional weeks of school).

D.C. officials say the extended school years allow more time for learning and eliminate summer learning loss for students.

The schools making the change are:

- Garfield Elementary School (Ward 8)

- H.D. Cooke Elementary School (Ward 1)

- Hart Middle School (Ward 8)

- Hendley Elementary School (Ward 8)

- Johnson Middle School (Ward 8)

- Kelly Miller Middle School (Ward 7)

- King Elementary School (Ward 8)

- Randle Highlands Elementary School (Ward 7)

- Thomas Elementary School (Ward 7)

- Turner Elementary School (Ward 8)

Also included is the Raymond Education Campus which began extended classes last year.