Baby delivered at Silver Spring church after doctor stuck in traffic spots mother in labor

A baby was born in a Silver Spring church parking lot after a doctor stuck in traffic happened to witness the frantic mother and father-to-be and rushed to help.

Marnique Young and Anthony Watkins said they were heading to Holy Cross hospital in Silver Spring from their home in District Heights when they got stuck in traffic Thursday morning.

"All of a sudden right in the middle of traffic my water breaks," Young said with a laugh.

Watkins pulled off the Beltway and ended up in a church parking lot. From there it was only minutes before little Anthony Watkins Jr. made his debut.

"The baby's head was already out," Young said.

Watkins had 911 operators on the line and was trying to flag down help. Dr. Yvette Ross-Hebron and her husband Harold Hebron had changed their routine that day to meet a patient. They just so happened to be stuck in traffic when they spotted Watkins frantically trying to wave down help.

"We saw a man running around the car screaming and he was really animated," Yvette Ross-Hebron described. "This happened for a reason and I believe this little one was brought into the world that way for a purpose."

Yvette Ross-Hebron said she caught the baby just as he came out and advised the new dad to get something to cut and tie off the umbilical cord.

"He took out his shoestring and the weird thing happened, he happened to have a pair of scissors in his car," Harold Hebron said.

Yvette Ross-Hebron noted the church where the birth took place just so happens to be the exact church she and her husband had their wedding 25 years ago.