Autopsies reveal gruesome details in murders of Chicago family

Details about the brutality of the murders that killed an entire family of six in Gage Park earlier this year have been revealed. The reports are gruesome and detailed.

The autopsy results on three of the victims are also shedding some new light into what happened inside the home that horrific night.

Two months after the murders that stunned and captivated the city, the crosses for the six victims still remain outside the Martinez home along with a slew of stuffed animals. But police have still not gotten any forensic results from the State Police Crime lab, so they are still unable to determine a motive or identify the killers.

But the three completed autopsies detail the gruesome way in which the victims died. Police discovered 58-year-old Rosaura Martinez first inside the back porch. She was stabbed 45 times to her head, neck, chest and abdomen, including more than two dozen times in her head. She had defensive wounds on her hands and arms, indicating she tried to fight off her attacker.

Alexis Cruz, 10, was discovered in the basement lying near a book bag and a binder with drawings. He suffered 11 stab wounds to the torso and 16 defensive wounds to the hands and arms. Noe Martinez Jr., 38, was found along with his sister in an upstairs bedroom. He suffered 16 blunt force injuries and another 13 stab wounds to the head. Herminia Martinez had been stabbed multiple times and shot.

The investigator's report also indicates Noe Martinez Sr. was found just inside the front door with blood smeared around his head and arms. He suffered about 10 stab wounds to the chest.

The last victim, 13-year-old Leonardo Cruz, was found in the front room by the fireplace with 11 stab wounds to the head, shoulder and chest. He apparently had been doing school work because nearby investigators found a book and homework, along with a pencil and ruler.

Sources believe all six were killed within about a three hour period.

Another note in the report indicates investigators found burned plastic tiles near the stove and burned material, possibly gloves, in the sink.

Police say the family was targeted, but whether it was domestic related, or possibly Mexican cartel, remains unclear.

A source says there's no evidence that the family was in any way connected to drugs.