Autistic child rescued from pond in Union Co.

A woman moved quickly to rescue a young autistic boy from a pond when he wandered in Monday afternoon.

The Union County Sheriff's Office posted a video of the rescue to their Facebook page, saying a passing motorist saw the boy in the Lake Park pond and, being unable to swim, ran to a home in the area to get help.

FOX 46 Charlotte was the only local station to speak with the driver who first spotted the 5-year-old boy.

"He had gotten in and I was like hey, you can't be out there! Come back! Come back! Where are your parents? And he just looked at me and didn't say anything," said Brittany Furr, who tells FOX 46 Charlotte she was returning home from a trip to the grocery store.

Furr says she wasn't a strong swimmer herself, so she ran across the street and pounded on the front door.

Lake Park resident Deborah Fox was home and jumped into action after the Furr told her what was happening, running to the pond and immediately swimming over to the child.

Fox pulled him from the water up to safety. Union County sheriff's deputies were notified and the child was brought to his family unharmed.

The family was out looking for the boy after he wandered away from his home.

FOX 46 Charlotte also caught up with another neighbor, who found the boy on his security camera wandering door to door in the neighborhood just moments before he made his way into the pond.