Authorities say woman tossed dog over fence at Florida animal shelter

It's a disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty, leaving deputies and animal control officers in disbelief.

Danielle Carreon, 31, of Mascotte, Florida, is accused of throwing her Chihuahua-mix over a six-foot fence at the Lake County Animal Shelter, because she couldn't take care of it.   

According to authorities, Carreon called 911 from outside the animal shelter, after the shelter's hours of operation, saying that she needed someone to come get it. She was told the animal shelter was closed, and she could return the following the morning.

Carreon claims she was instructed by the 911 dispatcher to throw the dog over the fence. The 911 call proves otherwise, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

 "I'm coming to turn in a dog," Carreon is heard telling the operator, who responds, "Okay, the animal shelter's closed. They're not gonna be open until the morning."

The operator explains to Carreon that she will have somebody contact her. 

"If it's your dog you're surrendering, let me have your name and number, and I'll have somebody call you," she is heard telling Carreon in the 911 recording.

The dog, nicknamed Little Bit, was found limping and struggling, appearing in significant pain, but she is expected to fully recover.