Attempted murder suspect Baby K still on the run; Victim's mom fears for life

The 15-year-old suspect wanted out of Prince George's County for a brutal school bus attack is still on the run, and the victim's mother says she doesn't feel her family is safe. 

This week, the victim's mom – who does not want to be identified out of fear for her life – shared a GoFundMe page she created with the public. 

The page states that since the May 1 incident, she can’t work, she can’t sleep, and just wants to get her son to a place where he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder.


Suspect in Prince George’s County brutal school bus attack connected to deadly shooting: sources

The teenage suspect police are still looking for in the attempted murder of a child on a school bus in Prince George's County is also alleged to have shot and killed one of the other defendant's sisters, a source told FOX 5.

FOX 5 learned in court documents Thursday that police believe the victim identifies with a neighborhood gang known as "Zone 3," and the assault is tied to an ongoing dispute with rival Temple Hills gang members between 23rd Avenue and the 28th Avenue areas.

When FOX 5 asked the victim's mom whether she believes her son is part of a gang, she said "you just never know."

"I account for my son seven days a week and you just never know what’s going to happen when they go out in these streets. You never know," she said over the phone. "When something like this happens, the only thing I can think about is moving away and starting over. You gotta find out, just like everything in life, you gotta find out what works for you and your family."

She described her son as a star student and athlete and called Baby K a menace, hoping someone will turn him in. 

The mother says her family is hurt. She says she cried reliving the details described in the court docs. 

According to bus surveillance video, Suspect 1, who PGPD identified last night by his nickname "Baby K" pointed a handgun at the victim’s head and pulled the trigger. 

Investigators said there was an "audible click and the gun malfunctioned" and that Suspect 1 "then racked the slide of the handgun in an attempt to correct the malfunction."


Teen girl facing charges in Prince George’s County student school bus attack

A 14-year-old girl is facing charges in connection with a horrifying attack on a student onboard a school bus in Prince George's County.

"Suspect 1 then began to hit Victim 1 several times in the face with the handgun causing the Victim to have a laceration on the right side of his temple an indentation of the barrel of the handgun on his right side temple," according to the court documents, which then describe the two other suspects as joining-in on the beating.

Police said that at one point, the victim tried to grab the gun fearing for his life, but was pushed away. That's when the was trigger pulled again – and it jammed again. Three live 9mm rounds were recovered from the bus floor. And the court docs show it all took place a little before 5 in the evening on May 1, after the bus stopped by Iverson Street and Sutler Drive in Oxon Hill.

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A teen girl was arrested last week for allegedly setting this entire situation up. Sources also told FOX 5 on Wednesday that Baby K is also believed to have murdered a D.C. woman just days after this bus assault. 

Court documents show police confirmed the suspects’ identities by gaining access to a cell phone device. Now, many are wondering why aren’t police sharing Baby K’s real name if they shared his photo, and he’s being charged as an adult.

Prince George's County police explained to FOX 5 that Baby K and the other three 14-year-old and 15-year-old suspects arrested are all facing attempted murder charges as adults but police said they’re not naming them because they are juveniles and there is still a chance in the early stages of court that their cases can be kicked back to juvie – and then become private matters. So, officials won’t name them until the courts confirm these suspects will be tried as adults.

There is still an award being offered of up to $12,500 for information leading to Baby K's arrest.